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Get Focused. Know Who You Are. Know What You Do.

Bumped into a confused friend today.

He’s  a computer geek and works for a SatNav company doing something techie.  He wants to keep working with computers — makes sense, it’s where he’s already an expert — but change direction.  Do something different.

So he started learning a little programming on the side after hooking up with another mate of mine.  Then someone said “Well everyone needs a website” so he started going through some Dreamweaver tutorials.

Now, more recently, he’s started getting into networking.  As in setting up IT networks and providing support for people having problems.  Individuals who want their laptops cleaned or small businesses who can get their machines talking to one another.

Sound familiar?!

Driving home I realized that his elevator pitch (… if he had one) would’ve been all over the place.

By the end, anyone listening wouldn’t have known who or what my friend was, did or how he could help them.

Was he a SatNav specialist, a programmer, website designer or setting up computer networks?!  What was his area of expertize and how could he help them.

Sucks for him, eh?

It hit home (again) the importance of picking a single business model, learning a single skill and learning to do it well.  So well you make some freakin’ money.

So here’s what you got to do…

Decide on who and what you’re actually doing online.

Are you a product creator?  Do you build niche sites or are you a list builder?  Decide on your core activities and (… kinda) create a mission statement or elevator speech — not to share with others — but for YOURSELF so you know exactly what your aim, goal and focus is to be.

Now I’m not expert at this kinda s**t but perhaps you say…

My name is Alan.  I’m an affiliate marketer in the punching harder niche helping people who want to hit harder wade through all the different punch bags on the market and pick the right one.  I do this with reviews and articles on my website.  Through my email newsletter and I let them know about the training tips, products and courses so they can start knocking the be-jesus out of anyone who so-much as stares at them.

Listen, this is a random off-the-cuff blog post after an epiphany whilst driving.

My point is.  When you wake up and sit at your computer.  Do you know what your online business is all about?  Or do you have too many things on the go?

Would you sound like my confused buddy who can’t make his mind up (and consequently stays in his job longer) or can you explain — clearly and concisely — what you REALLY do online?

Because if you can’t…

… it’s time to focus!

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  • Jeff Taylor May 4, 2012, 8:04 am

    I really enjoyed reading this.
    I think you should be able to define exactly what it is you’re doing rather easily in around 10 words.
    The clearer you are on what it is you do, the quicker you will start to see results…In my opinion.
    Really good post man


  • Big Al May 6, 2012, 10:27 am

    Cheers Jeff, thanks for checking back. If anyone reads this… Jeff’s blog looks really slick. Mine is like your dusty old grandmothers wardrobe.

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