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Epic Fails in Internet Marketing

Ok so I wake up this morning, sit down at my laptop (in my newly created home office) and I’m not sure where to begin.

Epic Fail

We all blame not taking action, not following through, not being productive enough -blah, blah blah

But ultimately it’s got nothing to do with anything other than a failure to manage yourself.  Now I don’t employe anyone (and it’s been a while since I’ve been employed) but I know for a fact I was more productive when I was working a job.

The reason is simple — when I got to work I know exactly what I was going to do that day.

Sure it changed from time to time, we rotated around and sometimes — bad stuff — would hit the fan but 90% of the time I knew exactly what I was going to do.  Then I’d get in and just get on with it.

And it’s the same for you and I.

Sure be your own boss, but also, be your own employee and treat yourself harder than you would any employee (the only exception being time off, pay and holidays 🙂 )

So as I sit here understanding that the key to success is my offers, traffic and conversions — I’m still procrastination over what to do, what’ll get me the most bang for my buck and where I should begin because I’ve failed to plan my day in advance.

Sucks big time.

Today — start working, then when you’re getting ready to finish up create your list of things to do tomorrow.  Include your offers, your traffic and your conversions — that includes emailing your list too!

No more epic fails — Please!

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