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Don’t be the Cheese Pizza…

Cheese pizza…

They’re safe.

And they’re boring.

Online, you don’t want to be the cheese pizza.

You definitely don’t want to be like a cheese pizza in your emails!


No body really loves a cheese pizza.

I mean – you wouldn’t get out of bed for one, would you?

We’ll tolerate a cheese pizza, but they’re not a first choice. You pick them to be on the safe side, to keep everybody happy.


Now a meat feast or a vegetarian pizza, there’s a different kettle of fish.

You see a meat feast has lovers, and it’s haters.

Vegetarian pizzas, the same.

You either love ’em or hate them – like the meat feast, a veggie pizza will split the crowd.



In this cash-money making game, competition is rife.

And people – your subscribers – they are bored.

Especially so in the internet marketing niche, as they get hammered daily with pitch after pitch.

What to do?

The answer is… be different. Try something new.

Stand out from the crowd.

Have an opinion.

Then shout it from the top of your emails.

And shout it often.

Sure you’ll put people off. Yes, you’ll have your haters.

But at least some folk – and a good number of them too – will love you.

I guess….

What I’m really saying.

Is find your voice. Share your opinion. Be yourself.

Just don’t be the cheese pizza.

That’s just boring.

Take it easy, keep writing,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

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