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Do you want to live forever…?

Check this…

There are ‘apparently’ two good indicators of longevity.

And my that I mean, with some quality of life.

Wanna know em’?

Your VO2 max and (… get this) flossing.

Now listen up, and listen hard.

I’ve not done the research. But I did find it interesting and I train most days and I do floss.


But here’s the real deal…

No body knows when their number is up.

No body knows then the clock will stop ticking.

And when it does… it’s too late to change anything.


Which is why you need to get your arse (… or ass) in gear.

You need to start, or keep, hustling, moving forward and progressing.

So tell me this… what have you done today to:

#1 Increase you knowledge and skills

#2 Fine tune your understanding of the marketplace you’re in

#3 To raise your profile in your arena

#4 To initiate a converstation with someone new in your industry

#5 To further develop an exisiting business relationship

Now listen, I stole that for Ken McCarthy’s blog (… the dude is a legend) and it’s all true.

So while they might seem out of your ‘comfort zone’ they’re true.

1,000,000 percent true.

So listen up, and listen hard.

You can work on busting your nutz to add a few years to your life with a little VO2 Max work and some flossing (… recommended) AND cross your fingers it works.

Or you can BE more productive.

Curb overwhelm.

Take control.

Work smarter (… hint, it’s not about the hours you work but what you do in them-there hours).

And get results quicker.

That’s all perfectly doable, you just need a system.

A plan.

So where do you find that plan?

Where’s the link to click?

The button to buy?

There ain’t one. Can’t help you buddy. Not right now (unless you want to learn something about product creation that is)

But I can share you my plan.

… if you keep tuning it to my blog.

All will be revealed 😉


Alan’s Internet Marketing

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