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Are Your Murderizing it with Your Online Results?

verb – Murderize

“He kicked that ball so hard he ‘murderized’ it”.

I’ve a secret to share…

I’m guilty of having close to zero self-belief. Fact.

In the past I’ve got by and achieved some of the biggest, baddest things in life thanks to the belief other people had in me.

They’d put me forward for things I didn’t think possible.

And to my surprise I’d do it.

Then I’d do it again and again, and again.

But my self-belief – one thing we all desperately need – still hovers just over the zero mark.

Now there’s a reason I share this itsy-bitsy secret…

It’s to let you know you don’t have to be one the fockers out there pretending to crush, smash and murderize their marketing.

You know the one’s with the guru who’s bigger than your guru.

The reality – cover your ears if you still believe in the Father Christmas, the tooth fairy and government pensions – is this gig takes work, it takes discipline and a metric ton of determination.

Now this is where the rubber meets the road…

You might have all the self-belief in the world – and if you do – you’re a badass.

But if you don’t…

If you have moments, days, weeks, months or even a life time of self-doubt and are lacking in belief – I want to shout something loud AT you.

Every time you start to think too much…

Every time you start to doubt…

Every time a thought pops into your head that isn’t helping you move in the right direction…

You boot that fu@ker straight out.

If a thought is not helping you then it’s HURTING you.

Kick it out…

Replace it with a thought – or better still an ACTION – that moves you in the right direction now.

So who am I to tell you this..

I’m not a guru – I’ll be honest – I’m just a dude describing my journey to you.

Helping you jump a few potholes along the way.

And doing what I can to have more control over my life.

But I’m also the dude who’s literally been ready to get smashed into unconsciousness in the boxing ring who trained his nuts off  in fear of major pain and gone on to win – multiple times, over and over again.

I know, when it comes to that head of yours, your thoughts are not your reality.

Remember, if it ain’t helping, it is hurting.

So kick it out and …

Stay awesome

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Listen, I was scared of failing. I still am because I don’t have the time to waste so here’s the dealio…

All the time I’m working on a project, I’m working on a skill. At the moment that’s copywriting because if s..t hits the fan I’ll have a skill, a service and a way of making money – potentially great money.

So projects – meh – might work. Might not – welcome to the entrepreneurial lifestyle – but win or lose I have a skill to cover my ass if the s..t hits the fan.


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