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Do you buy a lot of WSO’s ? (… slow down and read this)

Let me come clean…

I buy into hype.

It entertains, it excites and when it’s coupled with just
a teeny-weeny bit of curiosity… I’m on it like a dog on

Man I LOVE those sales letters.

[Note: In fairness, the last one I bought on Amazon Affiliate Marketing was pretty good…]

They get my heart pounding and put dollar signs in my eyes.

There I said it. I like and buy into hype.

Then, like a bad hang-over, I regret it.

Usually ’cause I’ve heard it all before and there was nothing
really new. It didn’t add value and sucked a couple of hours
out of my day.

That’s the REAL crime.

Have you been there?

Then you tell yourself “Man, I should’ve known better!”

Truth be told it’s what a certain marketplace online likes
and wants.

So the marketers selling the products give it to them.

It’s not their fault, they’re GIVING the market what it
WANTS and what it BUYS.

Because what they really NEED ain’t nearly so sexy and desirable.

Hype, push-button, automated, get dot dot dot in 7 days and
instant money-fixes is what they WANT.

Buzz words and ‘easy systems’ get the market foaming at the
mouth like a rabid dog.

And while the ‘buyers’ say they hate hype…

We all know actions speak louder than words and these products
sell like hotcakes.

Listen — don’t fret — you’re human (I hope), you’re an
emotional being and you have hot buttons.

Good marketers, they’re like elite snipers.

They can sniff you out and hit your hot spots from 1000 yards.

Which is why I read, like and want to share this with you:


Man… I really believe in selling good s**t in each and every
email but there’s nothing to buy there.

Slow down for a moment, read, re-read and make notes.

Take care,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

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  • Napoles- internetmarketingblog May 2, 2012, 4:33 am

    Hey Alan , I totally agree with you Man ; I love those Salescopy or
    Salesvideos that get us all Hyped up and ready to Buy..But I also
    noticed over months that one gets use to it because in the end we
    HAVE to Put forth some effort being time or more money..( Action)

    • Big Al May 6, 2012, 10:25 am

      Yup… and this morning in my two hour slot I’ve managed to achieve ZIP : ) Don’t matter what or how much you buy unless you do something!

      Gary Halbert (this is via Doberman Dan who’s a cool guy by the way) said “Motion beats meditation”. That’s it.

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