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“Depressed and broke”

So today I checked out the world’s most dangerous forum and come across this question:

QUESTION: I recently got divorced from my wife of nine years and got lay-off at the same time. I am here, at a Starbucks writing this. I am wondering what is the best way to make m…. online without any coding experience or online marketing… I came across the deep web the other day and wondering if there’s a way I could make money from there?

[Edit: Spam filters don’t like that phrase ‘make m…. online’ so I had to edit it]

SOMEONE REPLIES: My advice is to start a blog about something you truly love.

ANOTHER REPLY: i suggest you to do solo ads for for beginner

MY THOUGHTS: The blood is in the water… the sharks are already circling…

Listen, nothing happens online, NOTHING, until something gets sold.

That requires two things…

A buyer, and a seller.

Until these two things come together, nothing is sold and not a single shilling is made.

Which means you have to sell:

  1. a product or…
  2. a service

That’s a simple fact.

To make an affiliate sale you need traffic and you need somewhere for them to go.

That’ means you gotta build a sales funnel (squeeze page > emails > affiliate links)

To sell your own product you need traffic and you need somewhere for them to go:

Which means — deja vu — you need a sales funnel (squeeze page > emails > your product)

A simple fact!

You can mix the moving parts up, the basics are still the same.

You put targeted traffic in-front of an irresistable offer and the magic begins.

Squeeze pages and emails just happen to be the BEST moving parts to use.

HOWEVER… we got a problem.


It takes time to create a sales funnel, to test that funnel and to make sales.

If you want to do it fast, it takes an investment too, paid traffic is much faster and much bigger. You can do it for free, it just takes a l-o-n-g-e-r time.

So my advice to the “Depressed and broke” dude on the world’s most dangerous forum would be this…

Step one:

Whore yourself out to the highest bidder. Find out what help people are looking for, and then provide it. When you sell a service (article writing, transcription, building-back-links — that’s so 2010) and earn a few shekels. It’s not fun, but if YOU NEED THE BENJAMINS, man-up and do the work plus you’ll have got started in the online world and you’ll have experience to build upon.

Step two:

Invest in learning a skill you can use online. It might be copywriting, content marketing, working with Google Analytics or driving paid traffic… learn a skill… but not just any skill.

Learn a skill you can sell in the real world, a skill you can put on your resume and can be used in the real world to get a job with a digital marketing agency. No one employs list building affiliates marketers who sell Bright, Shiny Objects…

They do employ content writers, SEO experts, people who can use Google Adwords and Analytics… there are real jobs out there… just in case the online entrepreneur thang doesn’t work out… just in case you don’t “make a bazilion dollahs in three hours with no experience, no product, no list… starting from scratch”

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Step three:

While steps one and two are in action, build your own mutha’ucking business.

You have your bases covered. You can earn extra moolah whoring yourself out, or in a job (… heck you might actually LIKE working for a digital marketing firm), you have skills that can pay the bills…

And you have a business you’re working on, on the side.

Yep it’s work…

But it’s a solid plan…

And in a year, two years or maybe three…

You’ll be fu.king awesome!

Now here’s my recommendation…

It costs like $0.99 and it’s not about Copywriting (despite what the cover says) it’s about building a bootstrap business from your kitchen table.

The perfect kinda business for someone who’s been laid off and interested in doing somethang on ze interwebz.


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. I’m a copywriting wannabe, for good reason, they know marketing and marketing is marketing, is marketing, no matter what business or service you be selling so check this guy out.

P.P.S. As for the deep-web… whoah there sonny Jim… click the link above and be SAFE!



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