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Building million dollar businesses with the “right” kind of email

It’s Saturday and it’s “Daddy-Daughter Day”.

So in true Saturday fashion, I figured I’d go hang-out with the kids and visit one of the world’s more popular internet marketing forums.

“What’s the best day of the week to send an email?”

“Should I use pictures in my emails to make them look more attractive?”

“Who is the best mentor?”

“How do I make $500 a day in one month?”

And loads of other kind of shit.

It’s fucking infuriating, and embarrassing because it’s where I kinda found out about all this internet marketing stuff. But it’s only when I stopped going there did I really start to do anything.

Which is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s not the reading. It’s not the consumption, digesting, devouring and learning.

It’s the BEING and DOING that lead to getting things done and ultimately, HAVING.

I slap my head with frustration, the hours I wasted.

Back to my rant.

“Should I use pictures in my emails to make them look more attractive?”

Well get this…

It depends. It depends on your niche, your market, your budget and if it will work for you.

If there’s more than one way to skin a cat or peel a potato, then — guess what — there’s more than one way to send an email.

Take Tasting Tables an email marketing based company generating $12 million in revenue where each and every email has picture, picture, picture and (guess what) more pictures. Hardly any text.

Then you got Garagiste Wines who sell something like $30 million of wine with just plain old, boring to look at, text emails.

So what’s the right way to email?

Who knows, who cares.

It depends.

And really, it’s all about what puts more Benjamin’s in your bank.

The better question is who’s reading your emails and what do they like to read, see, watch, listen or click in those emails.

We’re all different and the people on our lists are all different too.

Go figure.

Alan Dermot

P.S. My daughter woke up half-way through the draft and is currently singing random re-mixes of nursery rhymes in her cot.

That’s a good reason to work from home.

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