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It takes a lot of balls to make it online.

I mean… you gotta pick a niche… and go into it almost blind (… assuming you’re a newb).

You gotta make a product… and make a half-decent time committment to get it done… up and selling.

Then you gotta market that sucker.

It’s a fair ol’ committment.

And to commit… takes balls.

Big hairy ones.

So today when a guy I like and trust (… that’s important) tells me about a step-by-step method that’s almost FOOLPROOF for making a lot of cashola very quickly…

I begin to wonder…

I begin to wonder… WHY this method works for him…

Why this method has worked for some of his students…

And why it doesn’t work for so many others.

A bit like affiliate marketing, product creation, email marketing, CPA marketing…

A bit like learning copywriting, selling your SEO services, or offering marketing solutions to online businesses…

Why do they work for SOME people, but not MOST people?


Well I’ve come to the conclusion that…

It’s a lack of balls AND a lack of commitment.

The REASON people lack balls and commitment is because they’re scared.

They’re scared they’ll fail.

Fall flat on their back.

Bump their head on the way down.

And look a fool to their friends, their family and all the people they want to impress, gain respect and admiration from.


It’s a killer… bee-Jesus it is.

I’m gunna finish up here…

I’ve gone on too long already… (but if you want to hear more, then keep on reading ma’ emails).

There is no way on God’s earth you can get rid of that FEAR.

FEAR is a gift, it’s God’s gift to us.

It stops us getting complacent, it stops us doing crazy shite and killing ourselves and it stops us going ‘all in’ at the roulette table.

However, you gotta control it.

You gotta own it.

And that, takes balls.

Big hairy balls.

So off you go, FEEL THE FEAR… and do it anyway!


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. You can’t kill FEAR no more than you can stop pain… but what you can do is stack the odds in your favor… do your homework and get simple, yet proven systems up and running… and if wanna do just that… have looksy HERE


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