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Avoiding the smoking wreckage of failed businesses and broken dreams

I swiped that subject line from John Carlton’s – Copywriting Secrets of Marketing Rebel – sales letter (awesome product by the way).

It’s not just a subject line though – is it?

It’s a reality for 99.9% online.

Now guess who said this:

“I have met many people with the potential to achieve great things but I have met few people who are yet to achieve their potential”

It was James Brian Hellwig – better known as the Ultimate Warrior.

He was right.

The internet is awash with the piled up corpses of dreams of too many internet marketers, many of whom will never even start a business – forget about watching it fail.

All thanks to the distractions…

The bright shiny objects…

And the guru’s pulling you from pillar to post with the latest and greatest wotsit-thingy-majig with promises to make you richer than God.

Well it don’t work like that.

I know – because they didn’t make me rich.

But by the power of hindsight I know what I should have focused on.

And it’s what I am focusing on, right now this very minute.

You ready?

I’m keeping this Homer simple.

Your goal is to keep the goal, the goal.

You got me.

Your goal isn’t to chase down the next hot-sexy idea in a skirt with big boobs.

Your goal is to stick to the plan. To start something and to see it through to fruition – not to give up, abandon or change direction half-way through – your goal is to get it finished and GET IT DONE.

Now if you’re scrabbling about – not sure where or what to start with and looking for inspiration on what to do now and next – know this…

All you need are the fundamentals.

Focus on the fundamentals and focus on finishing what you start.

That’s it.

Every minute of every day you focus on the fundamentals of marketing  and you focus on finishing and achieving your goal.

On getting the work DONE.

That’s it.

Me – personally – I’d be creating products.

Building lists.

Emailing those lists.

Then learning how to sell better – improving my copywriting skills – writing better sales letters, better blog posts and better emails.

That’s it.

That’s everything.

That is literally all you need – no bright shiny objects necessary.

Plus a lot of pig headed discipline and determination so you follow-thru and finish what you started.

It’s late.

After mid-night here.

Stay awesome

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Copywriter copywriter on the wall – who’s the greatest of them all? Well that’s Gary Bencivenga if you look into it and if you have a cool 5 grand then go buy his course.

If you don’t and you’re looking to improve your copywriting – this is a pucka course focused on writing emails so you can make a load more cashola from your list.

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