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What’s a Lumbersexual got to do with Marketing?

Let’s do a little “Q&A” action today.

First question:

QUESTION: “Alan, I gotta really cool idea for starting my first business. But I have a problem. I’m torn between two different niches, I’m not sure which to go into.

And then there’s the competition thing. There’s so much competition out there I’m worried I won’t be able to stand out, get noticed and build my business.

What do you think?”

ALAN: Ok, here’s what I think… I think you’re thinking too much. Recently I was privvy to a private webinar with a 6-figure per month copywriter.

He’d only started learning copywriting 6 months previously, an amazing achievement.

He said:

As soon as I start to think too much, I stop and start to take action


There you have it.

You’re thinking too much.

Listen, the key to success at this Internet Marketing thang isn’t hitting home runs everytime. It’s testing fast, failing fast and accepting that most of the time you’ll do “OK”.

Then once in a while you’ll hit a homerun, out of the park, and it’s happy dayz all the way to the bank.

Because trust me – doing something will get much better results that doing nothing.

Toss a coin and run with whatever the coin tells you. And if that feels wrong, then go with the other one.

Next up…

QUESTION: “If you were starting over, what would you do differently?”

ALAN: Where do I begin. First, I’d focus on mastering a specific skill. What no one tells you is most stuff teaching you how to get rich on the interwebz is utter bollox.

What really puts a few benjamins in your pocket is having skills. Skills other people WANT.

Then – if you want – you can make a few ‘reddies’ along the way whoring yourself out.

Become a traffic guru, a copywriting expert, a social media master or whatever.

Learn a skill other people happily pay for.

Then along the way, while I was learning, I’d be putting those skills to the test and perfecting them on my own business.

Last one…

QUESTION: “What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned today?”

ALAN: Well other than the word “Lumbersexual” which is a name for one of those vain dudes with a beard…

It’s a quote from Colin Theriot:

“Do two things every week. One, look for ways to do less work and make the same amount of money. Two, look for ways to make more by doing the same amount of work.”

That my friend is the essence of Internet Marketing.

Less work and more of the ‘green stuff’.

I used to think I had to hustle, hustle hustle.

Now I realize I don’t want to be busy. I just want to be effective.

And spend time with my daughter.

You can only do this, IF you already have a business in place.

(if you don’t you might want to check out this link; the dude’s legit).

So that’s my goal right now.

Find ways to leverage my days, leverage my knowledge and get more from doing less.

My Dad would call it ‘Lazy’ but to me it’s just being smart.

Time to go, it’s the weekend!

Stay awesome,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Confession time… those three questions still affect me.

I think too much, I put off learning skills because I occasionally fall into the Bright Shiny Object trap… and I’m W-A-Y too busy.

But guess what… it’s about progress NOT perfection.

P.P.S. If you’ve not got any internet business up and running yet, if you need a mentor (one of the nicest on the net) then surf on over here.

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