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Are you selling safe sex?

There’re two big lessons in this email if you want to create and sell products the easy way…

The first lesson, it’s obvious.

The second, let’s see if you can work it out!

First up – people.

Man, they’re a strange bunch.

A mate o’mine had a saying “Everyone else is a moron!”

For one, you can’t please people, they will always want more.

More time, more money (less work).

Deep down, we’re all a little bit greedy.

So when it comes to making a man happy, you have two options:

You can give him what he wants, or you can give him what he needs.

People need to eat healthy food, but they want to eat crap.

They need to exercise, but they want to sit on the sofa (or buy some magic gadget from an infomercial that never gets unpacked from it’s box).

People need to have safe sex, but in the heat of the moment, they want to crack on and get stuck in.

So my question…

Are you selling safe sex?

Are you selling what people need, or are you selling what they want?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out which will sell better.

You NEED to be selling what they WANT if you’re after an easier, wealthier life.

Now Paul Myers said something that stuck with me, he said:

“Sell them what they WANT, sneak in a little of what they need”.

You get what you want (paid), they get what they WANT and you’ve also done them a favor and given them what they need.

Hopefully that’ll sink into their thick skull.That’s lesson #1 and #2 all wrapped up.

Did you get ‘em both?

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Just in case you didn’t, here’s lesson #2 – you have to read between the lines to get it, it comes from copywriter Eugene Schwartz and is seriously powerful –  listen up and take note…

Don’t try to educate your market on what they need.

Only a few will buy because you are trying to CREATE demand and you can’t create demand. Not without millions-upon-millions in your marketing budget.

Sell the stuff that’s already in demand, the things people want.

Like Paul Myers said, sneak in what they need, then you can sleep soundly at night too.

P.P.S. No shit, this is marketing gold – ignore it at your peril!

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