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Are you part of this small, perverted, incestuous world?

I’m not ashamed to admit this…

I. Like. Doberman Dan.

And I strongly recommend you check out his podcast on iTunes. It’s awesome but it’s not for everyone.

For example; if you believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Bright, Shiny Objects it’s not for you.

If you can handle the truth, and if you’d rather hear it now while you can do something about it — not ten years down the line when you’ve blown thousands and gone no where — you need to check it out.

Here’s why:

The “… perverted, incestuous world called internet marketing” — his words, not mine!

Once upon a time there was an internet marketer who created a system, a system so good even HE couldn’t make it work. That’s where you probably think he gave up, moved on and tried something else.

Right? Wrong!

Instead he packaged it up and sold it for a couple of thousand dollars.

Then, on the back-end, he sold expensive, high ticket coaching and moved onto doing the ‘seminar circuit’ teaching others the same system he couldn’t make work.

Amazing, right?

Wrong again.

Because in the Internet Marketing world this is the rule. Not the exception.

It’s not enough to waste your money, they have to waste your time and destroy your dreams when ten years down the line you quit and give-up completely.

In the words of Doberman Dan, Internet Marketing is “a small, perverted incestuous world” full of bullshhh..

If that hurts your dreams, I’m not sorry.

Because it’s true and forewarned is forearmed.

So don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Just remember I’ve not tried to sell you on another bright, shiny object.

Just THIS, a real business edu-ma-cation.


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Losing money, that’s painful. Wasting your time, that’s painful. Building a little business on the other hand, that’s just hard work and at least it WORKS!

Are you one of those curious folk?

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