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A Simple Internet Marketing Strategy to Make a Sale a Day

While you may be sitting there dreaming of making 1k a day the harsh reality is that it all starts by learning to make a single sale a day.

If you can’t make consistent sales daily how on earth can you ever hope to make enough to sit back, relax and enjoy the good times at home, on a beach or where-ever you be dreaming of!

Here’s a simple strategy to get you started on your journey:

Step 1: Set up your sales funnel

Nuttin’ happens until you have  a sales funnel in place.  And here we be talking turning visitors into subscribers with a simple system using a squeeze page.

Listen up, you can make a sale a day by sending traffic to any old sales page — an affiliate offer or your own — but then that traffic is gone for good.

Much better that you capture lead data and learn to follow-up with an email series that gives several shots on goal, a chance to push more than one button and see better conversions.

To get your website visitors to part with their email address and join your list you need something to trade.  Might be a free report, video training course or email mini-series.  Play around to see what works best and gets you the highest conversions.

Click for my free squeeze page tutorials on setting up squeeze pages and installing Google Analytics.

Step 2: Monetize your virtual real-estate

If you got a webpage — you got yourself virtual real-estate — it’s important you learn to monetize and maximize it.  This is an old trick I learned a couple of years ago from super-affiliate Jason Parker.

You need to understand that the only page EVERY subscriber will ever see is your thank-you page.  Some people will join your list using fake email addresses, some won’t check their emails and confirm their subscription and (increasingly common) you’ll go straight into ye olde spamola filter – never to be seen again.

Tighten up and maximize your online presence by adding your offer on your thank-you page and encourage everyone who opt’s into your list to click on that offer.

Tip:  Make sure you offer is relevant and complimentary to the freebie you’re offering your subscribers – please 🙂

While you’re at it, monetize your download page too and experiment with using the same products on your thank-you page and something different (eg. a different price point).

Step 3: Craft an auto-responder follow-up series

Bad sales men have skinny kids and it’s pretty much the same when it comes to list builders too scared to sell to their subscribers via email.  Sure we all want hyper-responsive lists, jam packed with buyers and want to write emails that captivate our readers — turn them into raving fans and make the give us their hard earned cash…

… but then we all want to win the lottery too.

In fairness it is possible to do these things BUT you have to learn it by doing it.  In the process of learning you’re going to piss a few people off, get complaints and make mistakes — deal with it.

Craft a follow-up series of emails that sell high quality products related to the reason your subscribers joined your list in the first place.

Then test the crap out those offers: the price, the products and how your pre-sell in the email.

Tip:  The secret sauce really is learning how to follow-up and pay for the time, expense and traffic you’ve sent to your squeeze page.  Where a sales page might normally convert at say 1-5% now you can send that same traffic to that same sales page over and over again.

Step 4: Build a list of buyers

In the steps above I’ve said you can promote affiliate products or your own.  Ultimately the goal should be to a) make money and b) separate the wheat from the chaff.  When you sell your own products on your virtual real-estate and in your emails you can build a list of buyers and separate them from the people who are yet to spend a dime with you.

Then look after these buyers, treat them kind and remember they’re the ones who put food on your table and a roof over your head.  These are the guys you should invest more time into, build a stronger relationship with and offer more expensive products too.

If you need something you can sell as your own I strongly recommend you check out this special offer below because not only will you learn how to create your own products… it comes with Private Label Rights so you can simple whack your own name on it and start selling it as your own!

This comes highly recommended (although I am biased) :: Product Creation Course with Private Label Rights

Step 5: Keep the Funnel Topped Up

Your online success and ability to make a sale a day simply depends on bringing an offer and a buyer together.  Send traffic to your squeeze page so you can bring an offer and a potential buyer together over and over again.  That’s where so many people fail — they only send someone to an offer ONCE when MULTIPLE exposures is often the key.

From here you can separate your buyers and non-buyers — a position from where you can really start to ramp up your sales and leverage your assets.

Traffic is the missing ingredient here and that’s because there are so many different ways to get traffic.  From YouTube videos, SEO and paid advertising through to article syndication and Joint Venture partners.  If the thought of getting traffic blows your mind then the Traffic Dashboard might make life a little easier.

Me, I use paid traffic in the Internet Marketing niche and free traffic when I build niche sites (although I pay for SEO services to help get my sites ranked).  Neither of which are rocket science but both do take time and money — a reality.

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  • Napoles January 30, 2012, 8:50 pm

    Hey Alan ,
    Great Content and Tips here for us marketers .Nice lay out of steps
    to take for a good funnel system and then some.You deserve a Thank
    You my friend.

    • Big Al February 3, 2012, 9:56 pm

      Thanks mate, part two is coming soon because the results from my experiment didn’t make a sale a day but there are some results worth sharing. First attempt broke even and the second attempt lost me money… a temporary set-back but not failure [which I recommend EVERYONE should read about in Napoleon Hills – Think & Grow Rich or at least get the audio and listen to]!

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