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A good old fashioned, kick in the arse (… or ass) for 2015

I subscribe to a number (okay, just two) print newsletters.

The kind that get posted and pushed through your door once a month.

Yeah, I know, via snail mail.

But here’s the deal… I like it.  No actually, I prefer it.

Most of the time digital information doesn’t feel as real, in the same way that credit card money doesn’t feel real.  They’re just numbers on a screen, you vaguely check out.  Same with digital information.  Vague sh*t you kinda check out.

The thing about print stuff is a) I find it easier to read b) I read it and c) I know I’m paying for it, so I’d better consume it and use it!

Digital stuff, well I’ve been part of membership sites I didn’t have time to login in to, and been emailed PDFs I never got around to reading…

Anyways… enough about paper and ink, although there is a lesson of sorts there….

I’ve love to have my own real newsletter.

It’d be w-a-y cool.

Back to that Kick in the Arse I was talking about earlier

Sometime ago I read THE most accurate prediction of what my 2014 would be like.

It was fu*king scarily accurate.

A bit like the Myers-Briggs test I did last month (… do it, I dare you).

Here’s the prediction…

2014 would be the exact same as 2013.

Now here’s another one.

2015 will be the exact mutha-sucking same as 2014.

Unless you get orf your ass and start doing something different.

There you have it.  A very real kick in the arse that might just catch you square in the nuts too.

Sit there.

Digest that #knowledgebomb and let it resonate with you.  Let it destroy your dreams of sitting on a beach drinking pina coladas, complete with an umbrella in them — just for one moment — because if you don’t get off your arse, grow a pair of massive, hairy nuts and commit to doing something different…

Then 2015 is going to be another waste of f-ing time.

Okay, I’m a miserable bast*rd, I’ll admit.

Very, very negative.

But it’s my blog, and on this blogosphere it’s 1 million percent accurate.

Let me KICK you while you’re down…

Reading that little newsletter of mine (… or Doberman Dan’s to be more accurate) I’m going to post something that might just RIP your heart out.

And I quote (… I’m not even sure I’m allowed but it hit a nerve with me)

If we were having this discussion (edit: about your goals) 12 months from today, and you were looking back over those 12 months, what needs to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?

BOOM – mutha-sucka

That got me, and I’ll tell you why.

Because I’m not thinking about what needs to happen over the next 12 months, I’m thinking what I didn’t do over the last 12 months.

How I let myself down, my family down and — the worst bit — let my potential to shine slide down the drain like a dog turd in the street.

I’m a miserable basta*d 😉

If you want 2015 to be ANY different, you need to get YOUR arse in gear, now!

I’m not American.

I’m not English either, but I live here and we’re a cynical bunch.

And a l-o-n-g time ago I realised that I wasn’t motivated by the pleasure and having  a bank box full of krugerrands at my disposal.

Me, I’m totally motivated by F.E.A.R.

The kinda sh*t that keeps me awake at night worried about failing.

And while that sounds like a horrible way to live, it is what it is and I am who I am and if I want to succeed I need to know myself and harness whatever I can to get me there.

So in a strange way… this F.E.A.R. kinda motivates, inspires and encourages me to do more, be more and help myself.

Weird, huh?


Season’s greetings,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S.  This post-script is here because I want to start writing them, I want to get the mind a-flowing and making them a habit.

P.P.S. Most of all, I want to start my New Years Resolutions today.

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