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Since when did Zombies start marketing?

Roughly 10 years back I was introduced to an up-and-coming fighter…

He was a rookie at the time, not even a rookie to be honest, he was just starting out. Didn’t really have much desire to fight. But one thing led to another and before he knew it, he was fighting.

Anyway, this rookie wasn’t particularly great technically, not particularly smart or good looking either (not that that matters to a fighter!) and smoked like a chimney. oh yeah, and was a ripe-old 25 when he decided to lace up his gloves for the first time too.

On paper, the rookie should have just been a hobbyist.

But what this rookie had in abundance was resilience. He was hard as nails… no, harder than nails. Tougher than old-boots and, if you told him he had to live on broccoli and chicken, train 3 times a day and do that for 8-weeks straight. He’d do it. He’d be miserable as sin, whinge and moan, but he’d do it. Ask him to walk through walls to make weight, and he’d do it.

He was the toughest person I knew.

Unfortunately, said person was as dumb as he was tough.

And you know how Zombies haven’t quite managed to open doors yet? Well, if you ever meet and upset this fighter… just run and put a door between you. He’ll be face flat against the door wondering how you escaped.

(Meow – what a bitch I’ve become!)

Long story short, this rookie went on to fight in 4 continents and win 3, could be 4 world titles. Who’s having the last laugh now?!


But he’s still dumb.

And ironically, that dumbness is secret to his success.

His weakness was his strength, and his strength, his weakness. They’re the same thing.

It’s probably true of you too. I bet your strength’s and weaknesses are the opposite sides of the coin. What sets you apart, holds you back.

If your gung-ho and run blindly into situations, then some days I bet you run blindly into wars.

If you like to think things through, know the detail I bet you see the problems on the horizon… and destroyed by paralysis through analysis.

Now the thing is, should you work on your weaknesses. Eliminate them. Eradicate them. Turn them into Dodo dust?

I don’t think so. In fact, I know you shouldn’t.

Instead, you should work on your strengths. Focus on your strengths, turn them into your super-power. Accept your weakness and while you might be able to ‘temper’ them a little…. chances are they’ll always be there.

And that’s where you phone a friend… call for help and maybe outsource a little of your work.

Maybe you hire a techie guy to build your website, a designer to fluff up your PDF reports. A traffic guy to drive hoards of drooling new visitors to your website. Or a copywriter to improve your conversions and turn those valuable visitors into gold.

Focus on your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses.

I’ve over-ran. Reached too far. Written too much.

At least for tonight.

But think about that. Think about your strengths. Think about your weaknesses…

Are they the same?

And are you (… I f’ing bet you are) better spending your time on making your strenghts great or kiddin’ yourself and hoping you’ll make your weaknesses as good as your strengths.

IMHO that ain’t happening sweet-cheeks.


Alan “What’s my name tonight” Dermot

P.S. It’s hard starting and growing a business from scratch. Often you do have to do everything… grow the vegetables, pick the vegetables, clean the vegetables and cook the god-damn vegetables… which is when a great resource and solid mentor is worth its weight in gold.

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