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When ear wax holds you back

Today I shared a ‘boxing ring’ with my 2nd favourite Scotsman.

A Bazilion Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

Blunt, to the point and not into small talk, is how I’d describe him.

And bald, very bald.


Right now, I’m deaf in my left ear. I think it’s it’s the two head-kicks I took last week coupled with a viral infection I’m getting over…

I’m apologising (that very English skill) to my Scottish friend about my lack of hearing… mixed in with an attempt at small talk.

He said “It’s probably ear wax”, we touched gloves, the bell went, and we started to hit each other again.

Now for the not-so strange thing:

I envy my Scottish friend.

He keeps things simple.

He gets to the point.

Which makes me wonder, how many times I, We, You’ve fu.ked about in the past…

Trying to find a niche…

Create a product…

Build a list…

Send some emails…

Thought, and over-thought.

Analyzed, and over-analyzed.

Then bottled it and given up — because of your lack of knowledge — which gets filled with another Bright Shiny Object resembling Squirrel Sh.t.

When you should get to the point…

Recognize that your list, ain’t going to build itself.

Your product, isn’t going to write itself.

And your emails, aren’t going to send themselves.

It’s time to man-up, cut the crap, get to the point and… you ready…

Sit down and do the god-damned work!

With zero excuses, no blaming random head-kicks, viral illnesses and acting like a puss… pussy-cat.

Reminding yourself, it’s probably nothing more complicated or sinister than ‘just ear wax’.

So next time, solve that teeny-tiny little problem instead of overcomplicating it…

So you can get on with your, push forwards and ACTUALLY enjoy the results.

Alan’s Internet Marketing x

P.S. There’s two kind of excuses in the world, the one’s you know you’re making and the one’s you don’t realize you’re making… where some deep down fear or lack of confidence is holding you back. It’s time to stop holding yourself back and start saying “Screw it, let’s do it!”.

P.P.S. What’s the worst that can happen? It fails, can you live with that? I sure can.


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