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List Building, Solo Ads and Random Adventures….

I recently read a post in Jason Parkers list building club.

About marketing acronyms and which was your favourite.

I put List. Offer. Copy.

It’s something I talk about in my Solo Ad PLR because
you could have the best product in the world but if
you send it to the wrong list…

Then it’s just a bunch of crapola.

Imagine a Democrat message sent to Republicans, you got me?

Then there was the offer.

Selling dollars for dimes, no brainer offers
that are perfectly targeted to your market.

And finally, the copy.

You see, you don’t have to write ace copy to start
selling Porshes for pennies.

That’s why List and Offer come first.

When you got them right, its time to sell your butt off.

Anyway, my favourite aconym – L.O.C – it doesn’t mean sh*t
but List. Offer. Copy does.

Well here’s where I sell you on getting free information…
Join Jason’s free listbuilding club here.

Or if you want to learn or need a Solo Ad product, try this.
Chat soon, or if you got a questions – shout,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Recently I fell off the planet. I don’t think I’ve emailed
my list for about three months.

The reason… been busy and I had a daughter.




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