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10 Steps to a Better Blog

A funny thing just happened; so funny it led to the shitty post title “10 Steps to a Better Blog”.

Mate, I hate those kind of cheesy shit, click-bait-esque articles and now I’m publishing one #whatawanker

Everyday (except for literally all last week) I do the James Altucher thang and try to write out 10 Ideas. In a nutshell, it’s about learning how to come up with ideas, the currency of the 21st Century.

I think it’s true. Thinking and leading, these are uber-important skills.

Anyway, so tonight I wrote down 10 ways to make my blog better, here goes:

  1. Hit a Nerve – like it, loathe it, I don’t really care but the more painful the nerve the more people you’re going to motivate. Pain, urgency, desperation… all things that put a rocket right up people’s arses’ and get them moving. So hit more nerves!
  2. Create something shareable or viral – I was reluctant to write “viral” because it puts you under pressure to create something “oh my God, that’s amazing” and more pressure is the last thing anyone needs. Just create solid, good-shit that’s worthy of people talking about and sharing. And — if the stars align up right — it might just go viral. Who knows.
  3. Get involved – dude, I hate this one and for me it’s just to accelerate the process. Get involved in your community, on blogs and all that jazz. Go out, be a nice guy, be helpful and you’ll get a trickle back to your site. Then, if your shit is good enough to be shared, happy days. Get involved, but don’t let it take over your life.
  4. Be consistent – Seth Godin is a bit of a God. Heck, you only have to Google ‘Seth’ and the dude comes up #1. Anyway, he writes something like 3 blog posts a day (and only posts the best one), a fucking day!  Get off your back-side and create content consistently, at least until you get traction and some results to work with. Be patient young Jedi.
  5. Have stronger opinions, be more vibrant, exciting and entertaining  – people have short attention spans (fact). So make the most of a world where camera angles change every 3 seconds and keep everything you create as interesting and entertaining as possible. Ben Settle calls it “info-tainment” and the dude is right. The moral of this story, don’t be boring and that takes practise (which comes back to point #4)
  6. Have a good looking blog – coming from me, that’s a crazy point and it’s on the to-do list (right after creating more content). Here’s the thing, if you’d hit the back button the minute you saw your blog then don’t expect your audience to do something different.
  7. Tell better stories – today I was listening to the founder story of Tasting Tables. An email based business (yeah, email baby) doing some kind of talk from the stage. He told a 12 minute story that had nothing to do with his current business. It was a good story, I enjoyed it (info-tainment) and then he tied it in with some morals of getting started. It worked. Tell more stories, it’ll make your content more interesting and I’m sure there’s a reason why hypnotists tell stories, mmmm…
  8. Always sell something of use – so this could be controversial, at least until you think about it. When people read your content it’s usually not for fun. It’s because they have a problem they want solving and your information bridges the gap between solution and problem. Now, unless you can bridge that gap completely in your blog post or email … chances are there is a more complete solution out there, could be free, could be paid or it could be to join your list, download your freebie and read your emails. I don’t know — you gotta join the dots and work somethings’ out for yourself fella!
  9. Turn your editor off – there’s a saying amongst writers that you should write drunk and edit sober. Every now and then a shudder runs down my spine and I think of my mother, boss or best-friend reading this blog and wonder how them reading it would affect how and what they think of me. Big-bad mistake, because if you do this and you’re not careful you run the risk of editing your work, taking the edge off and dumbing down your opinions. Where’s the fun in that? Now, for the haters amongst you looking for a reason to disagree … think of a comedian and ask yourself what would happen if he only told jokes his mother approved of? I doubt he’d have gotten very far because we all love a rude, offensive joke baby-cakes. My point … write drunk, edit sober. Like the writers recommend.
  10. Keep pushing, writing and promoting everyday – no matter how much market research you do, it’s hard to find out exactly what people want. It doesn’t matter what they say, all that matters is what they do. So write, write and write some more. Then keep an eye out for what captures your markets attention. Every piece of information, every article, blog post, comment and email you write is a Little Bet. A tiny experiment to see what works, what gets traction and expand upon it.

10 things to improve my blog, and they’ll work on yours too.

Off you go cupcake, back to work on your content.


Alan Dermot

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