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If Sir Bill Gates of Microsoft dropped a crisp, green 100 dollah bill on the filthy floor…

And it took a whopping, 2 seconds for him to hike his pants up, break a sweat and bend over to pick it up…

It actually wouldn’t be worth his time.

For Bill is worth an unreal, 72 billon which works out (give or take) 114 bucks per second if he was getting a 6% return on his money – I bet it’s a lot, lot more.

Financially, it’s wouldn’t be worth wasting his time to pick that 100-dollah bill up.

Madness, huh?!

So when you are in Sir Bill Gates shoes, you too can leave the near-worthless scrap of paper on the ground.

Now speaking of crazy numbers, get this…

Every hour 11 billion emails are sent.

11 billion, and GROWING.

That’s a crazy number, you’d be bat-shit crazy to ignore.

Email is hot.

Email is STILL up there pound for pound when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck and return on investment.

Facebook messaging BOTS, haven’t replaced it.

Instagram messaging, not even close.

And I’m betting any job or mortgage applications, anything serious, asks you for your email address and not your Twitter handle or Facebook ID.

Am I right, or am I right?

Amazon, Netflix, my daughter’s nursery… all use email.

Info-products, supplements, services… all sold via email.

Email is the muts-nuts, the bees-knees, the cats-pyjamas for marketing DIRECTLY to leads and your customers.

It’s still hotter than lava for sales (and it’s cooler than ice to be able to make sending one your living).

Email is, and will be around for a lot, lot longer.

I bet my left-nut on it.

So if you’re not already building a list and emailing them daily… then you’re crazy.

If you haven’t got an auto-responder account, you’re nuts.

And if you don’t know what, or how to write quality emails that sell your stuff… don’t worry… that’s the easy bit you can learn from El Benbo.

He’s got writing emails down to 10 minutes per day and shares (some of) his secrets here.

It’s good stuff, enjoy,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. This email took 16:03 minutes to write, 11:36 minutes to edit and about 2 minutes to load into my Aweber account and send. I’m getting there…


So yesterday (… out of idle curiosity) I decided to pay an underdue visit to a very special internet marketing forum.

Just to see what was up. What the kids were into these days… what questions they had and what they needed a little help with.

I come across:

>> Where to start (… try the beginning).

>> How to Get R-word Quick (… ideally working 20 minutes a day, with no-list, no product, no experience and no balls)

>> How often you should email your list (… how ’bout never)

And, the age-old debate about single vs. double opt-in and what’s best.

E’nuff sarcasm for now.

Afterall, I used to be one of those dotards.

Truth is (and credit where credit is due, copywriters and a chap called Ben Settle in particular have highlighted this to me the most)… it’s all about “your market”.

And it’s not always as simple as “testing”. Which is hard to do, if this is a side-hustle, you haven’t got hoards of traffic hitting your website and just don’t have the time to do everything.

Or you can’t be arsed to do it.

#solopreneur #berealistic #hashtagdick

If you’re driving a sh*t-ton of cold, paid traffic to your pages every day then perhaps… just maybe you need to be getting every single one of those leads onto your list. It’s not about the relationship, it’s about numbers. So as soon as they’re on your list you’re going to be selling them harder than a used-car salesman at the end of the month. It’s probably all about the single-opt-in and making as much as you can, as fast as you can to cover your ad spend. Then probably selling solo-ads or whatever they’re called right now to make even more money.

Single opt-in makes a lot-of-sense because it’s fewer hurdles for subscribers to jump.

Now if you’re selling your own product line, and hoping to sell to the same people over-and-over again (a very wise decision I might add). Maybe throwing in a recurring revenue element — the relationship with your list is going to be more important. You’re into quality. Providing a solid service and helping your list get to know, like and trust you.

Double-opt in will improve the quality of your list subscribers. It’s an extra hurdle for them to jump over, they have to be more motivated to “check their emails and click the link”. And, they’re probably more likely to want to buy from you too (you’ll get fewer tire-kickers signing up).

Then you have the QUADRUPLE opt-in…

OK I’m BS’ing you here but you could (kinda) have a triple-opt-in.

Where you require visitors through a survey to see if they’re qualified to join your list… before then using a douple-opt-in. That’d seriously hurt the number of leads who subscribe to your list but they’d be DAMN good leads.


So there you go.

The answer is “it depends” and “know your market”.

Now the funny thing is (and I bet my daughter’s diaper) the folk asking that question didn’t even have a list.

They didn’t have an auto-responder account, no Aweber, no Get-Response, no cheeky Mail-Chimp and certainly no Drip account. They were probably “thinking” about “eventually” building a list.

People with no skin in the game.

Too scared to put a buck in the machine for fear they’ll die on the first level.

Too scared to commit to the ONE thing every serious online business has… and build a list of names and email addresses.

Because that’s what NOT investing the most measly sum of money into a) hosting for your website and b) an auto-responder really means.

It’s the very minimum you need and, not that big a deal really, to get started online. It’s pocket-change per month.

And especially crazy when you can sign-up for one here and it won’t even cost you the air your breathe:



Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Right now I’m running a little test with Drip (I’m going to replace the opt-in box on my blog). They have a free email mastery course and you can add 100 subscribers to your list (just to check the service out) right here and it won’t cost you a penny:



My daughter has recently got into dancing.

She’s only 3 years and they learn “good toes” and “bad toes”.

Good toes are pointy. Bad toes are the opposite.

So the kids do bad toes and say…

“Naughty, naughty, naughty toes!”

It’s pretty cute. I think you have to be a parent to get it.


I currently use Aweber for all my lists (including an offline business I work in).

I’m also part of a cool Facebook group run by Mike Samuels called “The Business of Words”.

It’s free, go check it out.

Mike recently offered to share the emails for the affiliate launch of a fitness business he partners in.

He asked everyone in the group to write their email address in the comments section, he’d add them to an Aweber group and then share the emails with us all.

Muggins here (… that’s me) didn’t get any of the emails.

I didn’t want to kick up a stink and was grateful he was willing to show behind the scenes of a live-launch.

So being the polite English-man I am, I said nothing.

Turns out I should have, because a lot of other people did comment and guess what?

Aweber’s deliverability sucked balls. They didn’t get the emails either.

That’s a scary thing. Especially if you’re an email marketer (I’d argue it’s even scarier for Aweber).

Sending thousands of emails and not realizing that a serious percentage of them aren’t ever going to get there.

Ouchy-bouchy (… or so my daughter says).

The alternatives discussed were:

– Active Campaign
– Drip
– Covert Kit

They all got good comments, some more expensive and more complicated (if you need complicated) than others.

I’ve not looked into any of them yet (so I can’t really offer a great review if I’m honest).

But… BUT…

I did come across an ad on FB for a free account with DRIP where you also get access to an Email Mastery course when you sign up for the account.

You don’t pay a cent for the first 100 subscribers, so I’m going to check out Drip with my blog and check out the Email Mastery course too. Andre Chaperon recommended Drip in the past and having just logged in, I already think the opt-in boxes look better and are easier to design.

If you fancied having a look (and this is an affiliate link if you decide to go full-bore with Drip) then click here.

And if you don’t fancy having a look. Seriously, look into your deliverability because it might well be shocking.


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Logged onto the Warrior Forum last night for probably the first time in 2 years. Maybe more. Wow, the forum looks different but not much has changed…

“Should I be using single or double-opt in”

Oh well, we all start somewhere 😉

>> Check out Drip here